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It's a whole new... Mission

Posted on Mon Mar 19th, 2018 @ 3:45am by Captain James Warrington & Major Patrick Smith & Commander Tracy Henderson & Captain Malcolm Harrison & Lieutenant JG Seamus MacDonald Jr & Lieutenant JG Un'nara & Lieutenant JG Rohlev th'Zequis & Ensign Simon Hunter & Ensign Isobella Greer

Mission: It's a Whole New World
Location: Briefing Room
Timeline: Departure Day

It was a new day and a new mission for the Hephaistos. After much needed rest from their battle with the Hirogen and new supplies taken on board the crew were ready to get back to work. On the bridge during watches he could feel the agitation and they had only been in port for a week. Inside the briefing room he got himself a tea before messaging and summoning all of his senior staff to the briefing.

Seamus was happy with how his department was gelling together during the training they maintained while at the station. His senior staff had stayed the same, but he'd seen a large turnover in the lower ranks for a variety of reasons. Finishing up signing off on the daily reports and logs, he saw the message to report for the new mission's briefing.

Striding into the briefing room, he glanced around and saw he was the first to arrive after the Captain. "Good day, Captain, how are you?" Seamus said as he took a seat.

"Usual. Looking forward to this one I have to say. Yourself Lieutenant?" the Captain asked back in kind.

"Fair to middlin', thanks for asking, sir." Seamus replied. His interest was piqued as to their upcoming mission, now, but knew he'd find out soon enough.

The tall Andorian man walked in. His teal collar contrasted his pale blue skin. His white hair was freshly cut, short on the sides and the top swept to the left, with two blue antennae sticking up. He was reading a PADD and took a seat towards the center of the table. Nodding at the Captain and Chief Security/Tacitcal Officer, "Captain, Lieutenant." His antennae propped up and towards the two men.

After receiving the message that morning, Simon and Isobella arrived at the same time, Simon said," Morning all," as he approached the replicator in the wall opposite the table and ordered both of them a coffee. Isobella on the other hand made her way to her seat and waited for Simon to bring her drink over. after a few minutes their drinks arrived, Simon headed over to the table and took his seat, He said," Captain, Lieutenant," as he sat down and waited for the briefing to start.

Harrison was the next in the room, he straightened his Jacket, and sat down. "Morning, captain."

Commander Tracy Henderson was the next person to enter the briefing room. "Good morning everyone." she said in a jovial happy sounding tone. Walking over to the replicator she ordered a large sweetened iced tea and went over and sat down to the captain's right.

Making her way inside the room and giving a nod to the Captain, Un'ara took her seat and waited patiently.

Last to the party was Captain Smith. "Sorry boss. A long way to trek from the aft hangar bay even with the transporters," he said by way of excuse as he sat.

"Never worry Major," James responded. "With everyone here then let's get going. This next one is right out of the classics. For those new during our last mission the Hephaistos captured a Hirogen ship which led to the captured of a Hirogen asteroid base. With the help of our new allies we have deciphered the remainder of the databanks and linked with more recent data we have identified an exploitable and potentially habitable planet. Computer Lights," he instructed and the lights in the room dimmed.

Tapping the console before him James activated the rooms holosuite. "Meet J143895. Yet to be named. The planets surface is 72% land and the remainder deep oceans. The landmass however is covered in what we would describe as dense jungle across the globe. We suspect that for this to be possible there are huge underground oceans preventing the formation of deserts." He zoomed in on the display to the surface. "These are images taken by the Hirogen. As you can see the jungle is thick with trees stretching several hundred meters high. Any questions at this point?"

Seamus cleared his throat before speaking. "I'm probably jumping the gun a bit, but will any of us be on lumberjack duty, sir?"

Managing to reduce the potential laughter to a chortle James replied, "Uhm honestly we won't know until we get there and see for ourselves. Ideally we will locate a suitable area for landing but we don't want to start chopping down skyscraper sized trees willy nilly. People might get a tad smushed."

Simon quiped," I'm a lumberjack and I'm ok sleep all night and work all day" as he looked back at Seamus with a grin on his face as he took the micky out of Seamus's question.

"Understood, thank you, sir." Seamus replied, giving a wink and sideways smile to Simon.

Rohlev moved his grey eyes across the holographic display. There was only so much he could get from a hologram. "Want me to run detailed long range scans of the planet, to see what life we can find?" The Andorian asked the Captain without removing his eyes from the planet. He leaned slightly closer to get a better look.

"We are out of range right at the moment how ever as soon as we can I'd like to start pinging the planet for more information. We will do a full orbital survey once we enter orbit," the CO added to his Science Officer. He tapped the console again and an overlay appeared over the planet showing mineral deposits. "As you can see there are a lot of valuable minerals down there. This single world would supply a lot of resources for the fleet. Once in orbit we will do the survey and land an away team using the Serenity dropships. I want shelter down there as soon as possible and assuming we can land them they seem like the fastest way."

"Captain Harrison will provide security for the base. Lieutenant Un'nara and her team will do viability tests for permanent installations and check out the trees with the help of Rohlev whose team will also be responsible for geological, wildlife and fauna studies. We want the full works here. Commander Henderson will lead the away mission," James informed his staff. "Meanwhile Major Smith and Lieutenant MacDonald will conduct arial surveys and search the surrounding systems to make sure there is nobody else here. Questions?" he asked yet again.

"Sounds good to me, sir. Major, I look forward to flying shotgun with you again." Seamus said, nodding to the Captain and Major in turn.

The Andorian Science Officer nodded, "I will prepare my teams."

"I'll get my best team together, sir," Harrison said.

"Perfect. Get your departments in order. We leave at 0600 tomorrow," Warrington informed his staff. "If anything comes up please come and find me. You are all dismissed."

Once the Captain had got up, Seamus got up and looked over at Patrick. "Major, can we meet at some point this evening to go over flight plans and put together a game plan for tomorrow?"

"Sure thing. Drop by the flight deck when your free. I've gotta sort out the new fighters we received recently," Pat replied before excusing himself and leaving.


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