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Permission to come aboard

Posted on Thu Mar 22nd, 2018 @ 12:49pm by Captain James Warrington & Captain Malcolm Harrison

Mission: R&R

Malcolm Harrison Stepped out of the Turbolift, and onto the station. He had gotten his transfer orders last week and was excited to join the USS Hephaistos. He went to the first computer terminal he found.

"Computer, locate Captain Warrington," he asked it.

"Captain Warrington is currently on board the USS Hephaistos. Transport to that ship is being handled by transporter room twenty-two," Came the computerized response.

"Thank you, computer," he said and proceeded to transporter room twenty-two.

"Can I help you, sir?" the transporter chief asked him.

"Captain Harrison, I've been assigned to the USS Hephaistos as her new Marine CO," he told him. "Could you beam me aboard?"

'Certainly, sir, step into my parlor." the chief told Harrison. Harrison then stepped onto the pad.

"Energize when ready, chief," he said, and then vanished in the light of the transporter beam, reappearing moments later on the Hephaistos' transporter room.

"Welcome aboard, sir," said the ensign at the controls.

"Thank you, Ensign, Might I ask where I can find Captain Warrington?"

"Yes Major," came the reply as the Ensign looked up the Captain's current location in his console. "The Captain is currently on deck 5, although he is due on the bridge so you'll be able to catch him there," the Ensign stated.

"Thank you, Ensign, I'll be on my way," he said, exiting the room and proceeded to the nearest Turbolift. He gave it the command to head to the bridge, and began thinking on his past experiences. He stepped out onto the bridge, and looked around. *where is the Captain?* he asked himself.

"Right here," Came the answer from his side as James walked out of his ready room, a fresh coffee in hand. "Welcome Aboard Major. Take a seat," James added as he himself went and sat in his center chair. Mal walked over and Sat down.

"Thank you, sir." he said. "Captain Malcom Harrison reporting for duty sir."

"Pleased to meet you. How are you finding the Delta quadrant so far Captain?" James asked politely.

"Interesting, sir," he said "I never actually thought I'd make it out here."

"Most don't. Positions out here are like Gold dust at the moment until we can become more self sufficient," James stated. "Starfleet won't commit resources above a certain level to a region if they can't be supplied correctly."

"Yes, sir," Mal replied "On a different note, what can I expect from my Marines?"

"I keep the Marines in the role they were designed for. Actions on hostile turf, whether that be a ship or a planet. In the event we are boarded you work in tandem with security to protect the ship," the Captain stated. "Day to day security matters run through security although if we have a particularly busy day what with the civilian decks being occupied now they might ask you to assist."

"Of course, sir, I'll make sure we're ready for anything."

"I have no doubt. You'll need to visit Major Smith. He is the Commander of the Air group here on Hephaistos. He knows without you or I saying that you as the Marine Commanding Officer are his superior," James added to help the Captain.

"Of course, sir, I'll be on my way now," he said.

"Very good. I'll see you at the staff briefing before we depart," James finished.


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