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A New Home and a New Life

Posted on Mon Mar 12th, 2018 @ 8:16pm by Lieutenant JG Rohlev th'Zequis & Captain James Warrington

Mission: R&R

Rohlev sat in the lounge of the Excelsior class starship. Setting down his mug of coffee he looked over the results of a paper that he had been reading. It talked about a new planet that the Science Corps had discovered. Over the intercom he heard a summons. Lieutenant th'Zequis, please report to Transporter Room 2 for transport to the USS Hephaistos.

=/\=Acknowledge.=/\= The Andorian man said as he tipped the mug back and finished his coffee as he stood up and moved out of the lounge. He walked down the corridors and towards the Transporter Room.

He was met by the quartermaster, "Lieutenant. All of your things are ready for transport. I am having their quartermaster send them to your quarters."

"Thank you." Rohlev said as he entered the transporter room. Stepping onto the pad, he looked at the operator, "Energize when read."

The man nodded and clicked a few buttons. In seconds, Rohlev appeared in the transporter room of the Hephaistos. He nodded at the operator as he left the room. He tapped his combadge, "Computer. Locate the Captain."

"Captain Warrington is in his ready room."

The Andorian man walked to the closest turbolift and stepped inside.


Rohlev walked onto the bridge and looked around. The Ascension class was one of the biggest in the fleet and to match it, the bridge. He had never seen such a big bridge but he had heard of them. Locating the ready room he walked over. Tugging at his uniform he rang the chime.

Much like the large bridge the Captains ready room was similarly much larger than other ships. With a desk for having a meeting on one side divided from a comfier area common to the rooms and a large Captains desk, one could tell the designers were struggling to work out what to put in the space during the build. Behind said desk was James. R&R stop overs tended to be something that the CO's spent in meetings and he was ready for this one. Opening the door from his desk he called out for Rohlev to come inside. "Lieutenant grab a seat. Have you had a chance to settle in yet?"

The Andorian walked in and took a seat, "Not yet Captain. I just got aboard from the Resilient." He said with a slight nod of his head.

"Well then we should not take too long so as to give you time to get acquainted and familiarized with the ship." He never quite new how to take Andorians. Sometimes they were very formal and, well, military styled and others they were as relaxed as most of his crew. "So Lieutenant. Why the Delta quadrant of all places?"

"A need of a new adventure sir. Having been in the Alpha Quadrant, I needed something new." The Andorian said with a smile.

Nodded James replied, "Well you'll certainly get something new here that is for sure. And you get state of the art equipment to make sure we don't miss anything," the Captain added. "What would be your current area of interest?"

Rohlev smiled as the Captain commented, "I am currently studying aquatic animal life on various planets. It's hard when you can't physically be there."

"Very true. I like to tinker on old car cars. Unfortunately they're not too easy to acquire and knockoffs aren't the same so I'm stuck with the holodeck. However should the opportunity arise to visit a planet and explore the marine life I'll make sure you get a trip," James said warmly knowing full well their next mission had such a chance.

"Thank you Captain." The Andorian man said with a nod, "I do also enjoy other form of sciences. Biology and Chemistry are my main focuses. I do have an algorithm that can increase the sensor accuracy and range by 67%. Something that I worked up in the Academy."

"I'll make sure to pop down and you can show it to me. The engineer in myself always likes to make things more efficient and of course to that end you can work with engineering to make sure the algorithm works for the Hephaistos," James responded. "This ship is state of the art. You have the best equipment Starfleet builds bar the few secret things they have in the main labs. We will make sure you get to use them. For now though unless you have questions I'm going to let you get settled in and meet your staff."

"I have no questions, sir." Rohlev answered the Captain.

"Excellent. In that case you are dismissed Lieutenant," James said smiling.

Rohlev smiled as he stood, "Aye sir." He snapped to attention before turning and headed out the doors.


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