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Captain James Warrington

Name James Warrington

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 43

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 11st
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Rugged appearance and very muscular from his youth working on freighters. Still works out to keep up his figure. Has a scar down his left cheek and neat kept black hair.


Spouse None
Father Matthew Warrington
Mother Unknown
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Robert Warrington - Uncle - Deceased

Personality & Traits

General Overview Thanks to his upbringing James is very easy to get on with and enjoys a good laugh despite his Posh name. He loves nothing more than to listen to music while he works out and is a skilled chef and enjoys cooking for people. He always looks out for his crew mates and will try his best to assist them where possible.

On duty James keeps to this enjoyable persona however he still has always kept a tight reign on his department and makes sure that everything is running as it should be.
Strengths & Weaknesses Calm and level headed under pressure.
Has a low tolerance for incompetance and time wasting.
Prefers to take action rather than sit and wait.
Ambitions To get his ship and crew back home to their families. And to make the best food possible.
Hobbies & Interests Music

Personal History Born in 2349 aboard a Freighter, the Marie Faire, which was owned by both his father Matthew Warrington and his Uncle Robert. He was brought up there and began working alongside his father at the age of 7 learning how the ship worked and at the age of 14 became a paid member of the crew. Because his father felt that an education would benefit his son he had a tutor (who was his old school teacher) send James work every couple of days. This teaching began at the age of 5 and continued right through the full set of exams required to "go anywhere in this galaxy" as his father said. Taking a keen interest in Maths James proved capable of handling difficult equations however when it came to English and history he showed very little interest early on. Something which was to carry on throughout his life. At the age of 12 during a drop off at a regular planetside client James had his first experience of live music. A punter in the street was playing a tin whistle. He persuaded his dad to get him one and began to teach himself. Unfortunately music was not something James was destined for and after only a year gave up on his new hobby ,however he does keep it with him wherever he stays.

When he was 16 James suffered the first tragedy of his lifetime. On an unusually long voyage his Uncle was working in a maintenance tube, trying to fix a problem with power fluctuations caused by the stress of the long voyage. These fluctuations spiked and shorted out the exposed console which his uncle was at causing it to explode severely burning his Uncle. Due to a lack of proper medical facilities on board or in range his uncle died a day later. Having never married the ship passed into full custody of his father.

After the accident his Father began to enquire into other lines of work so his son. He researched into a few different engineering careers until one of his contracts jokingly suggested that he send James to apply to Starfleet Academy. Because James was still to young Matthew Warrington kept a lid on the idea until he was older. During all this James had taken to the accident with rather well. In the few months that followed he went over the Marie Faire from top to bottom looking for ways to improve her and make her more reliable. With the help of his tutor he took several beginners courses in Electronics. During his time spent upgrading the ship and experimenting with her workings, trying to solve the fluctuations, the 7th one since his uncles death caused a relay to blow out. James was nearby at the time and a piece of flying shrapnel coughed his left cheek.

2 years later, just a week after his 18th birthday Matthew told his son of his desire for him to apply to Starfleet academy. Initially James was opposed to the idea however his father reminded him that as much as he wanted it to, the Marie Faire would not last him through his lifetime. Feeling the scar on his cheek James agreed to enlist and applied in 2368 at the age of 19. He managed to secure a place by the skin of his teeth. It was only because of his background in engineering and his knowledge of electronics, as well as his lifestyle aboard the freighter through which he had developed an understanding of first aid, the Academy accepted him, as, apart from maths his other grades were average. During his time at the Academy he proved to be adept in the engineering field as expected. He did however have little knowledge of tactical situations and as such was let down in that regard. He graduated in 2372 and decided that it would be beneficial for him to do an Advanced Engineering course. At the end of his 2 years he passed the course 4th in his class and was assigned to San Francisco Fleet Yard as an Engineer and Designer. His role was to assist in the building of the internal works of ships whilst working on new ways to make them more efficient.

In 2380 the engineering team at Avalon Ship Yards requested his transfer to them as an Engineering Officer and with this came the Promotion to Lieutenant JG. The transfer was approved and James was shipped out to his second post. Here he had to take charge of a group of engineers who would be doing what had had been for the past 6 years. James took to his new job well and quickly he and his team found a few and seemingly impossible ways to improve efficiency on their projects. In 2382 the USS Birmingham docked with the Ship Yards for repairs. While it was in space dock James and his team were given the task of repairing the impulse drives. Through a series of efficiency improvements during the rebuild that his team had come up with they managed to reduce the power consumption by the impulse drives by 2%. While not significant to warrant the entire fleet having the engines rebuilt it was enough for the Captain of the USS Birmingham to request his transfer to her ship as Chief Engineer. Seizing the opportunity to finally get posted back aboard a vessel James accepted the post and relished the chance to run his own department and tinker with an entire ship.

The USS Birmingham was a Nebula class starship which had been conducting research in a dangerous nebula. It had been equipped with a new shield generator when it was first assigned to the mission but it was not fully operational when they first entered the nebula. James, now a full blown Lieutenant, was given the job of bringing the new shields fully on line for the return to the nebula. After trying and failing to run the shields in parallel so the ship would not be defenseless he and the Captain devised a way of quickly swapping systems so that the ship would only be without shields for 2 hours. After setting everything up to go the plan worked despite taking slightly longer than expected. The Birmingham was able to complete its mission in the nebula and thanks to the more powerful shield was able to go on to do research in closer proximity to stars than she would usually have been allowed.

After three years aboard the USS Birmingham James was beginning to run out of enthusiasm for scientific research. Enjoying working and leading his team he decided that it would now be a good time to do his Commanding Officer training. He applied and thanks to the years spent leading his team on Avalon and the Birmingham he was given a spot on a longer 2 year course. In 2386 he was assigned to the USS Melbourne, a steamrunner class. After an incident on Archadia involving S31 and a bomb the Melbourne was left in need of serious internal repair and despite saving Starfleets position in the Quadrant she was decommissioned. James was then promoted and Assigned to the Command of the USS Melbourne - A, a Concord class carrier which was to spend a year serving as a mobile outpost for Federation ships operating further away from Starbase 900. The USS Melbourne would and James would serve on the border for a 5 year mission lasting from 2387 until 2392.
Service Record > 2368: - Enlisted at Starfleet Academy
> 2372: - Graduated and took a course in Advanced Engineering.
> 2374: - Passed his course and was assigned to San Francisco
> Fleet Yard as an Engineer and Designer at the rank of Ensign.
> 2380: - Transferred to Avalon Ship Yards an Engineering Officer. As such
> He was promoted to Lieutenant JG.
> 2382: - Assigned aboard the USS Birmingham as Chief Engineer and promoted to Lieutenant
> In 2385 James decided it was time that he moved on from fixing ships and with a letter of recommendation from the CO of Avalon Shipyards and the CO of the USS Birmingham he applied to do a CO course
> at Starfleet Academy.
> 2386: - Completed his CO course and acquired the rank of Lieutenant Commander - Assigned to the USS Melbourne Steamrunner. - Promoted to Commander for his work on Archadia
> 2387: - Assigned to the USS Melbourne - Concorde - Promoted to Captain due to the nature of the assignment. As time progressed promoted to TGCO and to Comnmodore to better enable the running of assets in the area.
> 2390: - Returned to the rank of Captain as operations in the area passed to new Admiralty staff.