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Lieutenant JG Un'nara

Name Un'nara

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Bolian
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 128 lbs
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Un'nara is of average height and weight. She has blue eyes and wears a purple tinted lip gloss to give her blue lips some distinction from the rest of her blue skin.

All Bolians have a bifurcating (cartilaginous) ridge running vertically along the center of the head and face, and partway down the chest. They also have the same type of ridges on their tongue allowing them to consume foods not palpable for most races.


Father Captain Tullos - Commanding Officer, USS Stargazer
Mother Fa'ran - Retired Starfleet Engineer

Personality & Traits

General Overview Un'nara is a well trained officer with plenty of experience under her belt. A very dedicated and loyal Starfleet officer, she is rather shy and keeps to herself. From time to time she likes to have fun and will cut loose and live it up with her friends.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Excellent engineer
+Damage specialist
+Well rounded officer

-Doesn't enjoy change (ship transfers)
-Dislikes sickbay
-Would much rather spend time in Engineering
Ambitions Un'nara has always kept up on the latest coming from Starfleet R&D. She would some day like to instruct future Engineers at the Academy.
Hobbies & Interests Reading, holodeck, learning martial arts, cooking.

Personal History Un'ara was born to a pair of Bolian Starfleet Officers. An only child her mother retired shortly after she was born and stayed aboard the USS Henry Ford, where her father was Assistant Chief Engineer.

The blue skinned Bolian was sometimes teased for being different when interacting with her peers, but for the most part she got along and did very well as a child well into her teenage years.

Un'ara's mother always thought she would make a great scientist and follow in her foot steps, but when the young cadet finished her basics at Starfleet Academy she followed in her fathers foot steps and entered the Starship Engineering program.

She was a bright young student and focused only on her studies and becoming among the best to graduate from the Engineering division of the academy that year.

The young Ensigns first assignment was aboard a medical starship, where she served as a member of the Engineering team and damage specialist. She found her self fascinated, with some of the missions the ship was sent on and always wanted to know how things worked. The USS Texas was severely damaged when it was attacked.

While the Texas underwent repair Engineers of Un'nara's skill couldn't just sit around so she was transferred to the USS Marshall, a Galaxy class starship. She would go on the admire the Chief Engineer aboard the Marshall and eventually become his Assistant during the six years she served on the Marshall.

The young Engineer got a small break when she was invited by her father to attend a year long conference and design seminar. After that year Un'nara was offered an opportunity of a life time and worked on the starship design teams, giving her input and ideas. Even though she enjoyed this work her heart longed for the stars and she requested a transfer.

At this time Un'nara was stationed aboard the USS Paris, where she would serve several years as Assistant Chief Engineer. The crew of the Paris would see plenty of action as the refit excelsior class starship was ordered to explore the Beta Quadrant and had several run in's with Cardassian forces. During a battle the Chief Engineer was lost and Un'nara was forced to take charge of the repairs and she and her team managed to keep the ship together while they limped their way back to the nearest friendly star base for repairs.

Starfleet decided to give the Paris a full over haul and assigned most of the crew to a newly commissioned USS Hera. The Prometheus class starship would serve as one of the Federations first response ships. Un'nara was fortunate enough to be transferred with the command staff and several other of the senior staff members from the Paris. The Bolian was surprised when Captain Harris put her up for promotion and named her Chief Engineer aboard the Prometheus class ship.

The woman was tired of loosing friend and tried very hard to stay submerged in her work and not building personal relationships while aboard the Hera. Her team thought of her as cold, but only because she would either spend time working on things in Engineering or spending her personal time alone. The engineering team did manage to make several modifications over the years to the Hera, increasing shield capacity by twenty two percent and keeping her together in battle after battle.

When the Hera was finally damaged beyond what could be fixed without the assistance of a star base the ship was towed in for repairs and Un'nara was stationed at the repair facility as Chief Engineer and under her guidance the star base managed to get repairs done and vessels back to the front lines several days faster than the previous record for the facility. The Bolian wasn't happy being so stationary, she wasn't sure if it was the thought of being stuck on the station or if her curiosity and her mothers genes made her want to explore and be in the thick of things. After a year and a half of making constant repairs on damaged starships the Engineer caught wind of a project going into the Delta Quadrant and immediately put in a request to be sent into the unknown.

Just a few weeks later she was on a transport and headed into the Delta Quadrant where she would be assigned as Chief Engineer aboard a huge Ascension Class starship, the USS Hephaistos.