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Engineering troubles

Posted on Fri Mar 23rd, 2018 @ 2:18am by Lieutenant JG Un'nara & Ensign Simon Hunter & Petty Officer 3rd Class Elizebeath Greening

Mission: R&R
Location: Main Engineering- USS Hephaistos

After Seamus had left him to return to his work upon the console, Simon finished off the coffee that Seamus had brought him and then started to run the Level 1 diagnostics on the terminal to see if the console was now operational. He knew that the diagnostic would take a few hours to complete and went back to his office. As he approached his door, P/O 3rd class Elizabeth Greening appeared at his side with a PADD in her hand. Simon said,” Yes Petty Officer….?” as he noticed the chevrons on her collar.

“Greening Sir,” replied the young female NCO rather nervously as she looked at the senior officer, she continued,” I have the list of supplies that have been delivered Sir,” as she handed the PADD over to Simon. As Simon took hold of the PADD and scanned the list of what had been delivered, He asked,” Status of our stores Petty Officer?” as he looked back at her and noticed her look at the floor. “Miss Greening, What is the status?” he asked her again.

“We are a third full sir,” Elizabeth responded looking back at the assistant chief of Engineering, she knew this was not going to go well for her and her team. Simon didn’t look very happy at this news and how was he going to tell Lieutenant JG Un'nara about this, however, he had no choice in the matter, He tapped his combadge =/\= Hunter to Lieutenant JG Un'nara, I need to speak with you,=/\= as he looked back at the Petty Officer standing next to him.

The Chief Engineer surprisingly had just stepped off the turbo lift when her comm badge chimed and the voice of her right hand man came across the communication. By the time the Ensign finished requesting to speak with her, she was walking through the doors to engineering and in just seconds approached the two members of her team. "Yes Ensign Hunter?" she asked noticing the concerned look on one of their faces.

"Boss, we have a problem," replied Simon looking back at the Lieutenant, He continued," and it' something your not going to like," as he handed the PADD to her that held the stores list that Petty officer Greening had handed him. he thought oO she is not going to be happy about this Oo as he waited for the bolian to answer.

Taking a look down at the information listed on the PADD she did frown slightly before looking back up at part of her team. "industrial replicators" she said making eye contact with her right hand man.

" It's not that Boss, it is the Paperwork that I submitted put in to the stores on the base," replied Simon looking back at Un'nara, He continued," Haven't been sent to us," as he knew this was not going to look good. He finished," I have copies in my Office if you would like to see them?" looking back at the Engineering chief.

With a nod the Chief smiled "lead the way" she had confidence in her Assistant Chief Engineer and wasn't sure what the hold up was on the supplies needed.

"After you Ladies," replied Simon as he always had been a Gentleman, as the door to his office slid open, as the two ladies entered his office and he followed suit. As he moved to his desk, He opened the files that he had and turned the monitor towards the Chief, He said, " Here you go Ma'am, what is on the left is the Order forms that I submitted and this is what we got,"

Un'ara quickly reviewed the information and looked between the two "and why didn't we receive the requested supplies?"

"I don't know Ma'am, it has only been brought to my attention by Miss Greening here this morning," replied Simon looking back at the chief Engineer, He continued," I was about to contact the shipyard stores and find out," as he knew this was not going to go well for the stores manager on the base.

"I'll look into this myself Ensign" Un'ara said matter of factually "we can also use the replicators to produce items we are missing."


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