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Doctor Doctor

Posted on Mon Apr 2nd, 2018 @ 10:47pm by Lieutenant Jennifer Richardson M.D. & Lieutenant Calista Aereen MD

Mission: R&R
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Prior to the Departure Post

Calista was seated behind her desk, she went to take a sip of her coffee and found the mug, yet again, empty. Rising she moved to the replicator and refiled it, just as someone poked their head into the open office door.

It wasn’t the norm for Jen to walk into places unannounced but given the door was open it seemed almost somewhat natural. Her knuckles rapped against the metal in an old fashioned knock as she smiled a little toward the woman she could only assume to be her new boss. “Lieutenant Aereen?”

"Yes," She said looking up at the new arrive. "Ah Doctor Richardson correct?" She asked gesturing to a seat across form her. "Can I get you something?" She added setting her own mug down.

Jen hesitated for a moment, unused to such forwardness coming from the military and civilian backgrounds. She knew that there would be a lot of readjustment required, not just with settling back into a career but also readjusting back to the Fleet’s way of doing things...there was no time such as the present though as the saying went. “Sure...green tea if you don’t mind? I hope you don’t mind me dropping in announced like this. I hope I’m not interrupting anything.”

"Green tea, hot." Aereen said, retrieving the cup and handing it to the other woman. "Not, just the usual backlog or reports. How are you settling in?"

Accepting the offering with a small smile, Jen cupping both hands around the drinking vessel as she carefully thought over her reply. “I knew coming back wasn’t going to be easy but being this far out from home is genuinely taking a lot of getting used to. I’m hoping that with a ship this size, there’ll be plenty to keep me busy?”

"She is quite the boat." Calista said looking around, "We're basically running a small hospital here, and with the civilian compliment we'll have some extra duties in that regard. I know you're also assigned with the marine contingent but we both will have a bit more admin work than normal."

“I’m starting to think I’ve landed a lot more than I may have been prepared for now the enormity of the size of the ship is sunk in.” Jen moved until she could prop her should against a wall, the vantage point allowing her a view of the sickbay area as well as her new Boss. “Where do you envision you’d primarily like my role to cover here in sickbay itself? Have you other chiefs assigned to areas such as surgical to relieve some more of the workload?”

"I'm in the process of reviewing the department structure, we have leads in place for surgical, trauma, nursing, immunological teams. I'm currently looking at assigning a lead for preventive care, given our size and civilian population I feel it would be prudent." Calista replied.

Jennifer nodded her head at the woman’s list, appreciating that she seemed to be under a woman who had good control of her department. The Doctor understood that her job would be so much easier with structure and organisation and it seemed that Doctor Aereen had all of that to hand. “I’m not sure how much of my bio you’ve read but I come from a civilian medicine background. Unless you’ve taken the preventative care under your own wing perhaps it’s something I could help with managing? A lot can be dealt with by our nursing staff but it might be an easy project to manage alongside my commitment to the marines?”

"Sounds great." Aereen said, making a note on her PADD. "If there's anything else you need to at present?" She asked.

“A map perhaps? These site to site transporters and getting around is convienent but a little disarming at times...I’m not used to so much transportation. It brings to mind the thoughts of some that each time you step into a transportation beam you loose a tiny bit of yourself.” Jennifer smiled to show her humour as she readjusted her seating position.

"I've served on a galaxy-class before give it time and you'll get the the hang of it." Calistia said, "I'll let you get going, my doors always open if you need anything."

Jennifer smiled her appreciation in the direction of Calistia before moving to her feet. “I look forward to working with you going forward Doctor.” With that, the woman moved to exit the office space, taking a slow and deep breath as she readied herself for what the future was to bring.


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