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New Boss

Posted on Wed Feb 14th, 2018 @ 12:29pm by Lieutenant JG Un'nara & Ensign Simon Hunter
Edited on on Wed Feb 14th, 2018 @ 12:34pm

Mission: R&R
Location: Main Engineering- USS Hephaistos

The newly stationed Junior Grade Lieutenant hadn't bee aboard her new assignment. However she had taken the time to meet with her new Commanding Officer and was rather impressed with him so far. The Engineer was also rather impressed with he Hephaistos the sheer size of the vessel was enough to impress Un'nara and the specifications were more than impressive. She only hoped the CO and Command staff would keep the old girl out of trouble, but the Bolian would have her staff running at peek condition.

One of the first stops she made after her visit with the Commanding Officer was to her personnel quarters. As she entered she saw the few bags she had transferred from her last post sitting on a small table. Much like the rest of the ship she found her quarters quite large and much more than she needed, but she figured she should enjoy it and took a few moments to put a picture of her parents and a few personal items away. She also put a few civilian clothes away and before long was on her way toward main Engineering.

Engineering would be where she would spend most of her time. Of course engineers often made trips to damaged areas of the ship or areas that might have some sort of malfunction. Which really didn't happen often aboard Federation vessels as of late design, but every now and then things did go hay wire and required an engineers attention. There were away missions and things like that, but mostly she and her team would spend the majority of their time in the engineering bay.

Un'nara came to the main doors of engineering and took a deep breath before she stepped through. The teams were busy putting finishing touches on things and she approached a young Vulcan officer wearing the same colour as she and tapped him on the shoulder "Who's in charge?" she asked

In typical Vulcan fashion a reply came "Ensign Hunter" he glanced at her rank insignia and added "ma'am" he gestured toward an officer standing at a console across the room.

"Thank you Ensign" Un'nara gave a smile and started toward the Ensign on the other side of the room. "Ensign Hunter" she said approaching the young man with a smile on her face.

Simon had been going over the data of the diagnostics that had come in from the relays that had been repaired and the systems rechecked to make sure they were working, he turned at the sound of his name being called, only to see a Bolian woman heading in his direction. As she got nearer he noticed her rank, He said," Yes Ma'am, What can I do for you?"

The blue skinned woman extended her right hand and smiled "Un'nara, the ships new Chief Engineer."

"Simon Hunter, your Assistant Chief," replied Simon looking at his new department head, He continued, " Nice to meet you Ma'am," as he stood up and took the offered hand, and boy did he find his boss attractive. he knew he had to get those thoughts out of his head. He finished " I have the results of the Diagnostics here for the last set of repairs Ma'am" as he shook the hand.

Taking the Padd Un'nara smiled "Thank you Ensign and good job with this" she took a moment to look over the diagnostics. "Looks like we are good to go" of course she knew there was always something that could be tweaked, but from the looks of things the team in engineering was pretty efficient. "Any thing I need to know or concerns from my right hand man?"

"Apart from getting put in a room with Ensign Isobella Greer for 3 months and in the same bed," he replied looking back at the Bolian woman, he continued "Everything is fine," as he knew this was his third job here and hoped that third time was a charm. he hoped that Izzy would take it ok after he had told her the news that the Captain was looking into it and that he might get a visit from the Quartermaster himself.

Un'nara didn't really want to get involved in the personal matters of her team, especially someone she just met. Taking a look up from the information she was given "well our resupply should be completed shortly and I'd like to start fine tuning a few items."

"Which Items do you want looked at Ma'am?" asked Simon.

Un'nara made her way over to a console and pulled up a few systems "I'd like you to take a team and make sure defensive and offensive systems are at peek performance and I'll work on engine out put."

"Sure, I can do that," replied Simon as he turned to two engineers that were nearby, He said," Ensigns Harper & T'Reba, your with me," as he grabbed his tool kit from the bench next to him, He asked," May I go?" as the two Ensigns looked at each other and grabbed their own Tool kits and proceeded to follow him out the door.

With a quick nod the two engineering teams went to work.

Lt. JG Un'nara
Chief Engineer
USS Hephaistos

Ensign Simon Hunter
USS Hephaistos


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