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Tinker Toys

Posted on Thu Feb 15th, 2018 @ 8:53am by Major Patrick Smith & Lieutenant JG Un'nara

Mission: R&R
Location: Providence Club

Walking through the growing civilian decks on the Hephaistos was something Pat had never expected to see on a Federation ship, outside the Galaxy class of course. The deck had been filled over the last few days with all sorts of shops and, more importantly for Pat and many of the other crew on board, the Providence Club.

Now open the Providence was already proving popular with crew and civilians alike, it's class added to by it's dressy rules for attire. With his dark glasses, leather jacket and dark navy trousers Pat was ready to make the club his watering hole. Getting nodded in by the bouncers he headed straight to the bar and perched a top one of the stools.

Behind the bar Markus was cleaning glasses as the Major sat down. Markus was an elderly gentleman of a different class from most in Starfleet, and, owner of the club. Sophisticated and wise he reminded most people of an older grand parent. Setting down the glass and putting the towel over his shoulder he walked over to Pat, "Major. What can I get you?"

"Whiskey neat," Smith answered, "And drop the Major malarky. I'm off duty and don't plan on being disturbed for a few hours," he added turning in his chair to survey the room whilst Markus got to work.

"Imagine. And Irishman whose first drink from the bar is a whiskey. Surprise Surprise," he joked reaching for a glass and a bottle of Earth Bushmills from the display behind him. "So Pat. Enjoying the break?" he asked passing the glass to him.

The Major nodded not turning fully back around. "It's welcome. We put a lot of cockpit hours in on that last mission and a good drink is always welcome when we get back," he stated reaching for the glass and taking a mouthful, savoring it. As he watched the room Smith took note of who was with who and where they were sat wondering if anyone had found what would become their regular tables yet.

The blue skinned Bolian had just entered the club and started looking around for a place to sit. Most of the tables were taken or to big for an individual to occupy, there were however several places at the bar open. "Bolian tonic water" she ordered from one of the bar tenders and looked to her right noticing an attractive human sipping on what she assumed was whiskey.

As Markus poured the Bolians drink he shook his head and muttered something about predictability. Pat chuckled quietly before turning to the Bolian, "I think Markus is going to start getting upset if we keep sticking to cliche's," he mused before adding, "Patrick Smith," to introduce himself.

With a slight chuckle "Un'nara" she said with a smile and a tilt of her head. "Markus could you please add vodka and lime to the Bolian tonic" Un'nara asked still wearing the same smile.

"See! Now yer' talking," Markus explained perking up a bit as he grabbed the vodka and lime. "One Bolian tonic water with a splash of vodka and lime," he stated passing the drink to her before running off to serve another customer.

Again Pat laughed, "You just made his evening I think. So Un'nara. I've been hearing good things so far."

"About?" she asked taking a sip of her drink and then smiling "this is actually pretty good."

"Well," he began. "Apparently the grease monkies down in engineering have a new chief. Skuttlebutt says she knows her stuff."

"That's what I hear as well" the blue skinned woman flashed a wide smile and took a sip of her drink.

"Well looks like that's the verdict then," he joked. "Going to have to pay a visit to sort out maintenance guys on the flight deck. Need a weapons specialist as mine got transferred."

Taking a sip of the drink in her hand "stop by and see me and I'll see what I can do to get your maintenance scheduled".

"I'll do that. I wonder are they going to have live music in here," Pat mused. "Would fairly give it some atmosphere."

"Certainly would" Un'nara said taking another sip of her drink. She raised her glass after finishing it off "another please" she asked with a smile. "Another drink?" she asked Patrick.

"Sure," Pat replied draining his own glass and motioning to Markus, setting the empty glass on the counter. "Same again good Sir," he added when he got closer. "So then. A ship like this must be an engineers dream? I know I have a list of pilots longer than the entire crew roster trying to transfer in."

"She's impressive to say the least" the engineer said with a smile. "I've got a decent roster and a skilled assistant" she added confidently.

"Ah Hunter. Yes. Honestly I think he was out of his depth in Start Ops. It requires a different mindset that very few people have but I'm glad to see him back in his native environment," Pat stated speaking frankly. "Just remember as well. The boss was a grease monkey as well once. Don't let the nice crisp uniform he has now fool you."

"Good to know" the blue skinned alien said with a nod "I'll have to make sure I don't let his ship go boom" she said jokingly.

"Please don't. He had someone try to blow up his first command. That was fun," Patrick said remembering back several years. "Anyway. Thats enough for me," he said taking the new glass and draining it in one. "I have a briefing in the morning. Goodnight Un'nara," he said with a nod, taking off before she could reply.

The Bolian just turned back to the bar and took a sip of her drink, she enjoyed meeting her new Superior officer.


Major Patrick Smith


Lieutenant JG Un'nara


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