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Lieutenant Jennifer Richardson

Name Jennifer Suzanne Richardson M.D.

Position Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Second Position Marine Medic

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7
Weight 142lbs
Hair Color Mousey Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Jennifer is not a person who overly cares about her appearance. She will pull her hair back into a ponytail rather then fuss and is as comfortable in jeans and shirt as she is in her uniform. Her hair reaches the middle of her back. When you look at her face, your eyes are instantly drawn to hers for their unusual colour and habit of portraying the emotions she tries to hide deep.


Spouse Captain David Richardson (deceased)
Children None
Father Neil Collins
Mother Barbara Collins (deceased)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Brother In Law - Peter Richardson

Personality & Traits

General Overview In her personal life, Jennifer can keep to herself alot. She is in no way introverted, she would just prefer to sit in and read, or spend time dancing in a holodeck, rather then go out partying. If the situation calls for it, she will willing join a group of friends for a night out, but she wouldn't do this on a regular basis.

In her business life, Jennifer is seen to be very approachable. She has a strong empathy with patients, whether it be a child with a bump or a grown adult missing a limb. She is encouraging to the people she is assigned to look after that should they feel the need, she is available to them 24/7, weather they require physical or mental Doctoring.

Despite how she presents herself in personal or business life, Jennifer should never be underestimated. She does have a temper which is extremely rarely seen but when brought up, she can very easily let it be known that she is not happy. feature on her face. Pale skinned, her arms and face are scattered with freckles from time spent in the sun.
Strengths & Weaknesses Amongst Jennifer;'s strengths she counts her devotion to the medical sciences and keeping up to date with all of the medical journals. This enables her to always be up to date with new treatments, medications and procedures so she can be fully able to decide on a course of treatment for her patients.

Her past has also taught her to always be strong and persevere no matter the situation she found herself in. This could be situations in which she needed to emphasise with patients who were struggling or even situations in which she maybe have been hurt and needed to bounce back. This has been most important to her in the loss of her husband.

Jennifer’'s key weakness is her temper. Known to flair when upset or hurt, it can take her a time to be able to get it back under control and 99% of the time she will feel guilty about what she perceives as a loss of control.
Ambitions Jennifer’s current concentration is completely on her new role and how to better herself to make a good medical officer. She currently has no higher aspirations as she is just trying to find her footing in life.
Hobbies & Interests Reading, Swimming, Dancing, Horse Riding

Personal History Born in 2359, it had always been her parents intention that she would be their only child. They were careful how they raised Jennifer, never spoiling her and raising her to know herself and to take nothing for granted.

As the age of 12, Jennifer’s mother passed away after a very short battle with cancer. Having always been closest to her father growing up, her mother’s passing impacted her, but through the strength of having each other, both Jennifer and her father went on living as they knew Barbara would have wanted them to.

Her father was a civilian Doctor, operating out of the local medical centre. Jennifer grew up surrounded by his patients and as she got older he used to gently encourage her to actively help with anything from administration to just learning the tools of his trade from a standard 21st century stethoscope to the 24th century dermal regenerator. It was during this time that Jennifer realised she shared her Father’s devotion to the job he did but she wished to spread her wings, to go further afield.

At the age of 18., Jennifer had finally decided that she wished to go down the route of Starfleet medical. The decision was hard come by as it was one of the hardest choices she would make in her life as it would take her away from her father but he couldn’t have been any more supportive in her decision. Neil wanted nothing more in life than to see his daughter spread her wings and see the universe.

In 2377, Jennifer finally enrolled in Starfleet as a medical cadet, fully embracing the four years of education which came with it. She aced all courses, her medical background and age giving her a slight advantage over the other students; something which in normal situations may cause people to resent her but Jennifer’s personality drew people to her. She was also always willing to help others if they came to her with questions or she noticed somebody struggling whom she knew would welcome the help.

Graduating with the rank of Ensign in 2381, Jennifer had a choice of what she needed to do her internship in. The usual were thrown her way; paediatric, surgical, obstetrics all areas her lecturers were quick to point her towards but one area in particular grabbed her interest, combat medicine. She knew of the Marines, you couldn’t be in Starfleet and not, and while she felt that she may not have the personality for it, working with marines still appealed to her. The idea of working in a live setting, with ongoing unrest and battle being probable stirred an excitement in her that she wishes to try and grab with both hands. The placement would allow her to dip her toe into different aspects of medicine such as amputation, triage, emergency surgery, etc.

With the aid of her mentor, Doctor Fionnuala Gardiner (her lecturer in emergency medicine); Jennifer was placed on S.F.M.C. Tuscarora on the war torn planet of Palora. Jennifer was to work under their chief medical officer Lieutenant Commander Jessica Field as a medical officer for four years in order to fully qualify in emergency/triage/combat medicine.

In 2383, two years into her internship, a group of marines had been ambushed while out on a routine patrol in the local town of Medea. The six officers were all in a bad condition so medical was scrambled to save who they could. Jennifer herself was assigned to one Second Lieutenant David Richardson. His injuries meant that he had been left for dead. Shrapnel had embedded into his chest, lodging itself into the right ventricle of his heart. Every pump of his heart flooded his lungs with blood. The only reason he even made it to the surgical table was because the recovery team had ensured the shrapnel was not touched in anyway. On the table he flat-lined twice and each time the team tried to persuade Jennifer to back off but she refused to give up. She managed to stablise his heart until a transport could be arranged to the nearby Starbase 264 where the team took over and performed a cardiac replacement, replacing his human heart with a parthenogenic implant.

Jennifer was part of the team that stayed by the marines side during transport. David was in and out of consciousness the whole time, his lung pressures low (causing his breathing to be erratic) because his heart struggled with each beat. Each time his would come around, it was Jennifer’s face that he saw.

When they reached the base, Jennifer was given two days leave before she would be needed back. The medical staff of the base took over the care of David but they allowed her in to visit him after his operation. Still in those days after, the marine was weak but everytime he opened his eyes he looked for Jennifer and it was from that point that he knew she would eventually become his wife.

Once back at base, Jennifer settled back into life; her thoughts sometimes turning to David but she tried to put him out of her mind as he was now gone. Transferred back to Earth for rehabilitation to get him back on his feet. She kept in touch with his progress, getting regular updates from the medical teams in Starfleet Medical. Inbetween, she would sometimes get personal correspondence from him also; but still she tried to keep a distance, not wanting to get close because there would be no future. Towards the end of 2385, the correspondence stopped, causing Jennifer to feel like a gap had grown in her life. She tried to make enquires to find out if something had happened but she was blocked because she wasn’t family nor wife.

In 2385, Jennifer finished her inter-ship, granting her the full title of Doctor and a promotion to Lieutenant J.G. During the promotion ceremony, a familiar face was in the crowd, David. He had managed to persuade the Marine Corps to send him back to S.F.M.C. Tuscarora; with his own promotion to First Lieutenant and in turn a Platoon Leader. During the two years away he had gone through his rehabilitation and been assigned to the Marine Corps Headquarters on Earth, helping to train in their new recruits.

Seeing David again brought back memories Jennifer had pushed back on. During those days where she had kept him alive, she had grown close to the man; a closeness she had forced herself to ignore because she realised a patient and Doctor could never be anything more. She had fooled herself into believing the visits she made were out of concern for a patient and not for someone she cared about.

In the year to come, David and Jennifer grew closer with no barriers in their way until in 2386 David asked her to marry him. He confessed that before he had left Earth he had contacted her father and paid him a visit. He had told explained to Neil about their past and told the man that he intended to ask Jennifer to marry him within a year. Neil had given his blessing...something which sealed the deal for Jennifer.

After all the time they had wasted, Jennifer and David were married within two months of the proposal by the base’s chaplin, Jennifer’s father joining them via a live comm-link as civilians weren’t allowed on base no matter the situation.

Life was uncomplicated for them both over the next 3 years, as uncomplicated as it can get for a marine Doctor and a Marine Platoon Leader in a war zone.. Neither were pushed to start a family, they felt that the time wasn’t yet right and they have their lives ahead of them. Their commitment to their jobs saw Jennifer promoted to Lieutenant in 2389 and David to Captain in 2390.

Soon after David’s promotion, life was to fall apart for Jennifer. One night in late 2391, the base got word of a massive movement of enemy troops on the western front, preparing to attack. If they could bring down the base, they would be able to take the planet.

All non-essential staff were moved out, including Jennifer. They were placed on a transport which would rendezvous with the USS Endeavour. The USS Endeavour was to move into orbit above Palora in order to provide support if it was needed. They were too late...by the time they reached the planet, the base had been annihilated. What surviving marines there was were beamed onboard but Jennifer quickly found that David was not one of them. The Captain of the Endeavour agreed to send down a rescue team but they were greeted with charred bodies and fire from the enemy. They quickly recovered what bodies they could and after autopsies, one of the bodies was identified as Captain David Richardson.

At this point Jennifer’s life fell apart. She was granted undefinate widow’s leave which she used to run back to Earth, into the arms of her father. Jennifer stayed there from 2390 to mid 2392, helping her father in his own surgery and refusing attempts of contact from Starfleet. She couldn’t face going back, she had lost all she had.

Eventually Starfleet took matters into their own hands and visited Jennifer in her own home, in the presence of her father. They had a proposition for her, an opening onboard the USS Hephaistos as the onboard Marine medical officer and Assistant Chief Medical Officer, a combined role to take advantage of her marine and medical experience. First Jennifer resisted, trying to keep her feet firmly on the ground with her father but her father pushed her back.

Neil had watched Jennifer become a shell of who she once was. He knew she needed to get back out there or risk that she would forever lose who she once was.

After days of discussions, Jennifer finally gave in and accepted the position, uncertain of what the future would offer but knowing it would be empty without David.
Service Record 2377 - Admitted to Starfleet Academy

2377-2378 - Cadet Freshman - General Studies - Starfleet Academy (San Francisco Campus).

2378-2379 - Cadet Sophomore - Basic Medical Studies - Starfleet Academy (San Francisco Campus).

2379-2380 - Cadet Junior - Intermediate Medical Studies - Starfleet Academy (San Francisco Campus).

2380-2381 - Cadet Senior - Advanced Medical Studies - Starfleet Academy (San Francisco Campus).

2381 - Graduated Starfleet Academy with the rank of Ensign and entered into internship.

2381-2385 - Ensign - Medical Officer - S.F.M.C. Tuscarora.

2385 - Completed internship and promoted to Lieutenant JG

2386-2391 - Lieutenant Junior Grade - Medical Doctor - S.F.M.C. Tuscarora.

2386 - Married David Richardson

2389 - Promoted to Lieutenant

2389-2390 – Lieutenant- Assistant Chief Medical Officer - S.F.M.C. Tuscarora.

2390 - David Died

2390 - 2392 - Leave of absence from Starfleet

2392 - Reassigned to the USS Hephaistos

2392 -Current - Chief Medical Officer- USS Hephaistos