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Lieutenant Calista Aereen

Name Calista Aereen MD

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Trill
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 1.78 m
Weight 50 kg
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue


Father Doctor Alaorn Aereen, Endocrinologist - Trill Ministry of Health
Mother Doctor Maranna Aereen, Biochemical Researcher - Folix University (Trill)
Sister(s) Captain Elewisse Aereen, CO - USS Ulrict (Nebula Class)

Personality & Traits

Personal History Born in 2357, the second child of a pair of disgusted Trill Doctors she was raised along with her older sister Elewisse, in the Capital. From a young age her parents instilled in her that she, and her sister were expected to achieve great things. The pressure during her formative years meant she isolated herself from friends in order to study and achieve the marks her sister seemed to achieve with much less effort.

Accepted into Starfleet Medical school Calista left Trill for Earth, the wound of the Dominion war were healing and Starfleet was pivoting back to exploration. Completing her med school she was accepted into the residency program and Wowemi General, a prestigious hospital and medical college on Denobula. Her three years here saw her earn commendation from her instructors, at the completion of her residency she turned down a chance to remain wanting to finally serve on a starship. Her older sister had shot up the ranks and despite only being in her late 20s was already serving as the XO of frigate on the front lines.

Aspirations of command, while not entirely lost on the young doctor, didn't hold the same allure as practicing medicine in the deep unexplored reaches of space. Her first ship posting was aboard the Galaxy class USS Providence, deployed with Deep Space Task Force 14 the ship spent two years on the 'far' side of Romulan space. Under the command of Captain Bezitrix, the first Benzite Captain in Starfleet.

The Providence charted huge swaths of unexplored space and made first contact with more than a dozen new races. In 2384 the ship returned from it's mission, while she loved exploration she also wanted to further her medical training and was accepted into a infectious disease fellowship at Starbase 482, which also served as a key Starfleet Medical centre along the Cardassian boarder region.

In 2385 she was made Assistant Chief aboard the Lexington-class USS Buxxin, named for a famed early Bolian space explorer. Three years here would see her new skills put to the test as the Buxxin found itself on the front lines of more than one medical crises. She impressed the Chief Medical Officer and Captain so much that she was promoted to full Lieutenant and assigned as Chief on the newly commissioned Prometheus USS Vauxhall. The Cruiser spent two years along the Klingon boarder helping to fly the flag and keep a tense alliance with the Klingons.

In 2390 the Vauxhall went in for a minor refit to prepare her for deep space assignment in the Gamma Quadrant. The freshly promoted Lt Commander Aereen joining the crew of the Intrepid-class USS Tro'jor, the ship named for the a major Andorian city was near the end of her life. She spent most of her time between core worlds ferrying dignitaries and coordinating training. She served as the flagship for Rear Admiral Kylaor Benic, and was crewed by more than two dozen cadets as part of her crew.

The experience made Aereen long for the deep space exploration she had experience, but she relished the chance to teach fresh faced future doctors. In 2392 she requested transfer and was assigned as chief aboard the Hephaistos on her mission into the Delta Quadrant.
Service Record 2375-2379 : Starfleet Academy - Medical School
2379-2382 : Ensign - Medical Residency - Wowenmi General Hospital (Denobula)
2382-2384 : Lieutenant JG - Medical Officer - USS Providence (Galaxy-class)
2384-2385 : Lieutenant JG - Infectious Disease Fellowship - Starbase 482
2385-2388 : Lieutenant JG - Assistant Chief Medical Officer - USS Buxxin (Lexington-class)
2388-2390 : Lieutenant - Chief Medical Officer - USS Vauxhall (Prometheus-class)
2390-2392 : Lieutenant - Chief Medical Officer - USS Tro'jor (Intrepid-class)
2392-Pres : Lieutenant - Chief Medical Officer - USS Hephaistos (Ascension-class)