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A Doctor's Work Is Never Done

Posted on Thu Apr 5th, 2018 @ 3:43am by Lieutenant Calista Aereen MD & Captain James Warrington

Mission: R&R
Location: USS Hephaistos

Calista materialized on the transporter pad and gave the operator a smile. "Thank you Chief." She said as she stepped down and entered the corridor. The Hephaistos was a behemoth of a starship, the fact it carried civilians made her think back to the start of her career and her time aboard a galaxy-class. "Main Sickbay." She said, entering a turbolift. She wanted to check out the facilities before meeting with the Captain to report in.

The sterile smell flooded her nostrils as she entered, 'the smell only a doctor could love' her father had always said. "Can I help you?" A young Bajoran woman said entering the main area of sickbay.

"Doctor Calista Aereen, I'm the new CMO." She said to the woman, extending a hand.

"Nurse Pryos," The young woman replied, shaking her new boss' hand.

"I just wanted to have a look around before I meet with the Captain." She said dismissing the officer. At first glance every seemed in order. A few minor changes would happen in the coming weeks but for the most part the Starfleet Standard was standard for a reason, it made sense. Finishing her tour she stowed her one large duffle bag in her office for the time being, checked her appearance in an inactive display and headed for the ready room.

Before she could get to far James came around the corner towards her. "Ah Lieutenant," he said smiling. Welcome aboard the Hephaistos," he added as he offered his hand to her.

"Captain." She said with a nod, "Thank you, she's quite the ship." The Trill doctor replied. "I wanted to formally report in and find out if there is anything that needs to be prepared for by my department ahead of our next mission."

"Why don't we use your office then and I can bring you up to speed then," The captain suggested rather keen not to walk all the way back to the bridge when he was already out.

She nodded, and gestured to the office, as she entered she tapped a control on the console, the glass frosted and the door closed. She gestured to the seat across the desk, she stopped for a moment at the replicator. "Coffee, cold brew Aereen 3." She said. "Can I get you something Captain."

Holding his hands up James shook his head, "No thanks. Anymore and I'm not going to be able to concentrate all day. Had a good chance to look around yet?"

"I've finIshed an initial tour of the main sickbay. Given the size of the Hephaistos it will take me a bit to get through all of our medical facilities, so far everything looks good." She replied.

"Good glad to hear it. You'll about about 12 hours to get anything else that you need onboard, but I suspect that you'll find everything in order," James said. "Your new 2nd will be checking in with you once they're on and settled as well."

"From what I've seen we're fully stocked so we should be good for whatever crisis command sees fit to throw us into." She said with a smile. "Do we know what our next mission will entail?"

"A trip to a planet to survey and establish viability. You just missed the briefing I'm afraid but it was recorded," James replies leaning back against a wall and crossing his arms. "I'll need you on the ground keeping a medical tent going just incase. Your second will head down and act as one of the expedition medics."

"Understood, shouldn't be an issue." Calista said making a few quick notes on her PADD. "Do we have initial surveys of the planet or are we the first one?"

"We have data from a... borrowed Hirogen warship," James said with a look that suggested involvement. "So we are using it as a guide but double checking everything."

"Understood, I'd like to review it any records in advance, try to determine if there are any biological factors we need to be prepped for." She replied.

"I'll send them to you once I get back to my office. From what i remember they didn't encounter any pathogens but it's possible that with different species there may be different effects. A medical opinion from one of our own though would make me feel a lot better," James added. "Anything else I can get for you?"

"That should be everything for now Sir." She said smiling, "Although according to my records you are overdue for your annual medical, you should schedule it."

"Yes. I should," James answered smirking a bit. "I'll ah get back to you on that one."

She smirked, "It may be a big ship but I will hunt you down if need be." She following the Captain out of the small office. "I'll have my people call your people I believe the expression went."

"And my people will I'm sure not give you any kind of run around," James jokingly replied. "I'll catch you later Doc. Many many people to see and things to do," James said making for the door.

The Chief Medical Officer shook her head and returned to her terminal adding a few things to her to do list.


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