[USS Hephaistos] :: Rules


1. No abusive or overly sexual Content. We have a level rating for the USS Hephaistos. Click the icon to see exactly what this means.

2. One post per week minimum. A post is defined as a completed mission post with greater than 400 words. If you're working on something big just let the CO/XO know and that's fine. Personal log's do not count but are great!

3. No Superheros. Simply put your character isn't a God on here.

4. 1 Primary Character, 3 PNPC's (Secondary Characters) and 7 NPC's per player.

5. If you have a problem with someone else or need mediation in a post over differences bring it to the CO/XO.

6. Have fun and be creative. We want you guys to have fights between the crew. TO have relationships of various types form and to have your own pet projects on board the ship. If it's something you think might be a bit outside the box then ask but in general go for it.