[USS Hephaistos] ::

Landing Prep

Posted on Tue Jun 5th, 2018 @ 3:10am by 1st Lieutenant Caleb Jennsen & Major Patrick Smith

Mission: It's a Whole New World
Location: Flight Deck

Serenity dropships were one of the Marine Corps less useful ships in recent years. Used primarily for combat zones and hostile environments to set up temporary bases quickly they did however serve fit for purpose for the Hephaistos today. Warrington had ordered 5 on board with a variety of pods for the job ahead but was leaving it to Pat and his folks to sort out exactly what would go down given the landing zone. In the pilots main briefing room Pat was standing with a projection of the LZ in front of him waiting for Caleb to arrive.

Caleb entered the briefing room and nodded to the Major. "The dropships are prepped, the crews are beginning preflight." The Lieutenant said.

"Excellent. We need to decide what we want to send down and how many we can actually get down now," Pat informed Caleb. Scratching his chin he mused. "Well medical is an obvious must."

"I think we could get them all down now, we got enough competent pilots, and too be honest flying those dropships isn't too bad a second year cadet could probably pull it off." The Lieutenant replied.

"All would be perfect. But look at the dimensions. We can do four comfortably but a 5th is going to be very risky," Pat answered.

"Why don't we send the argo mod, construction and command/medical down first. We can get a flight of fighters to hold over head scout position until we confirm they're in the clear. We can then send the habitats down in a second wave." The junior officer replied.

Smith scratched his chin briefly. "Definitely Command an the MASH. How about the Drop and Argo on one ship? That gives them all their supplies and a vehicle. If we have to abort they will survive albeit with low Comfort." He pointed up to the map and drew onto the projection two landing positions. "Send them to the south side and then we can have two habitation modules on another ship land here," he suggested adding i to the map, "And then a Mess hall and the construction module here. Not a lot of room to build and they can always eat on their knees right?" he grinned.

"They'll make do, they've got an entire planet I'm sure someone can throw a table together if need be." Jenssen said with a smirk.

"Te Jarheads will probably have a pub set up within an hour of landing," Smith added laughing. "You want to fly the escort ships with me? We can do our recon of the planet and then run right into the drop. With a quick piss break of course."

"Sounds good, I'll meet you on the flight deck." The Lieutenant replied.

"Great. Go grab something to eat. We are going to have a long couple of days. Dismissed Lieutenant," the Major instructed before turning to the screen and making some minor final instructions before sending the plan to the Captain.

"Aye Sir." He said snapping a salute before turning on his heel and heading out.